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Five Must Haves for Your Child’s Birthday

Birthdays are the best day of the year for most children. Watching your child celebrating with friends, receiving gifts and blowing out birthday cake candles are highlights of every good party.

But how can parents best plan birthday parties for their kids? It takes a fair amount of planning ahead to make a birthday memorable for your child. And there are definite areas that you must pay attention to – here are the top five must haves for your child’s favorite day!

#1 Choose a Fun Venue

Throwing your child’s party at home might seem like the most convenient, But it may be the most stressful for you. Having to clean, prepare and place fragile items up on high shelves can be a bother. If you have the budget, why not host the party at a fun and educational venue, like a bouncy center, or a museum, aquarium or the zoo? Get creative and plan accordingly with your theme. If you are throwing a ballerina party for your daughter, take her and the other girls to a dance studio. If your little boy wants a hero party, ask the local fire department if you can bring the guests in for a safety demonstration.

#2 Decorations

After choosing your venue, knowing what type and how many decorations you’ll need will become much easier. From streamers and balloons to piñatas and personalized banners, kids birthday supplies are colorful, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used at most birthday parties. Check with any venue to see if decorations are allowed, as not all public places allow for birthday decorations.

#3 How Much Food?

For most kids’ parties, you may not need to provide a whole meal, but depending on what time of day the party is held, finger foods should be available for the kids to snack on. Bite-sized crackers, vegetables and fruits are easy to prepare and pack, and will keep kids satisfied without loading them with sugar. If the occasion calls for a bigger meal, try pizza, tacos or other easy-to-handle foods. Don’t forget the cake, either. But depending on your child, you may want to consider cupcakes instead. Depending on your theme, cupcakes can allow for a variety of likes in flavor and decoration.

Colorful plastic serving bowls for snacks are pretty and practical for children’s parties. Buy plates, napkins and utensils to match the other decorations.

#4 Entertainment

Decide early on if you’ll have entertainment at your party. Popular magicians, clowns, costume artists, singers and other party professionals are usually booked weeks in advance.

If you’re using games as the entertainment, make a list of games your child enjoyed playing at other kids’ birthday parties, and use this as a guide in what to buy or plan. Set up the games ahead of time if they involve more than a minute or two of preparation.

If you’re looking to keep your entertainment costs low, consider asking a friend to dress up as a clown or princess, depending on the party.

#5 Games and Goodies

The piñata doesn’t have to be for decoration exclusively! Buy a variety of small, age-appropriate candies and fill it. The birthday boy or girl will love swinging at the piñata and breaking it open. The other kids will quickly scramble to collect the loot. Some piñata come with strings that the child pulls, which might be easier for preschoolers. Put birthday candy treats in goody bags with each guest’s name on them. Top them off with little toys or stickers that fit the party’s theme.

Do your best to prepare for the party, but when the time arrives just try to have fun. Your child and other guests will pick up on and follow your lead, so if you have a positive attitude the birthday boy or girl is bound to have a delightful day.
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