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Magic Tricks for Kids

After every Magic Fun Man show, parents often ask about learning magic tricks for kids and recommendations for the best magic kits. Kids can learn more about the Art of Magic and magic tricks for kids through a variety of magic kits, magic DVDs and magic books. These all make great birthday gifts and it is the perfect way to compliment the Magic Fun Man Show.

The following are a list of magic tricks for kids including magic DVDs, magic books and a few easy to do magic tricks to encourage your child’s interest in Magic. I’ve included a variety of recommended magic tricks for kids in this list.

Best Magic Sets for Kids

Melissa and Doug Magic Set

Perfect for kids ages 4 and above. The set includes 12 magic tricks that I actually like including a drawer box that makes a “$100 bill appear” and the classic ball and vase trick. You child will also learn how to make a scarf disappear!

magic sets for kids my first magic show

Another kids magic set targeted for kids ages 4 and above.

The Vanishing Crayon trick is a classic trick that I’ve used in my kid party magician magic shows!

The set also include a high quality drawer box, the ball and vase trick, a magic wand and an instruction booklet with online how to do magic videos.

Criss Angel Magic Tricks

If your child is a little bit older (8 and above), the I recommend the Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic set.

The magic set includes higher quality magic props and includes some of the classic kids magic tricks that I still enjoy performing.

Kids will learn the classic Cups and Balls, learn how to float objects and even read minds!

Magic DVDs

Magic DVDs and magic trick videos are great ways to learn magic tricks!  I own over 400 magic DVDs and the collection keeps growing. Magic DVDs are great resources for magic tricks for kids because of the visual nature. A lot of kids will learn magic from YouTube and I don’t advise learning from poorly developed tutorials.

Professionally produced magic DVDs provide instruction from expert magicians in the field and often have multiple angles so the student can learn the sleights and secrets easily.

Jaw Droppers Magic Tricks DVD

The Jaw Droppers is a FANTASTIC set of DVDs that teach over 4 hours of magic.

Your child will learn 80 different tricks and the DVD set includes a magic deck of cards. This is the perfect set of magic tricks for kids in DVD format.

It goes beyond standard magic tricks that you’d find in a magic set and provides a solid foundation into the Art of Magic.

Card Magic Tricks for Kids

Every magician needs a few key card tricks in his or her back pocket. With the Complete Card Magic taught by Gerry Griffin, the aspiring magician gets an arsenal of card tricks.

Card tricks are a foundation in the Art of Magic and this DVD set delivers multiple volumes to learn key sleight of hand to accomplish card miracles.

Bobo Coin Magic DVD

A classic book in the Art of Magic is Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic. It is known as the “bible” of coin magic for magicians.

This DVD set walks the student through Bobo’s Coin Magic and teaches every sleight and every trick found in the book.

Royal Road to Card Magic

Another classic book in Magic is the Royal Road to Card Magic. It is foundational reading for any magician seeking to learn card magic.

Fortunately, the team at Magic Makers created several Magic DVDs to walk you through the Royal Road.

Svengali Deck Magic Tricks

If you are looking for an instant gratification magic trick for kids, look no further than Magic Tricks You Can Master with a Svengali Deck.

A Svengali deck is a special type of deck that can accomplish card miracles easily. A few impressive effects include:

  • The selected card always rises to the top
  • The selected card can be found in any of the 3 piles of cards
  • The entire deck can be shown different and then all the faces turn into the selected card.
Money Magic Tricks for Kids

If Bobo’s coin magic doesn’t provide enough tricks with money, then this Money Tricks DVD will provide you with even more financial wizardry!

A few of the classic money magic tricks for kids include

  • Penetrating Bills
  • Torn & Restored Bill
  • Inside Out Bill
  • Change Bill
  • Karate Bill
  • Haunted Bill
  • Levitating Bill
  • Ben Salinas’ Levitating Bill
  • Pen Thru Bill
  • Coin From Bill

Magic Books for Kids

Despite all the Magic DVDS, Magic sets and individual magic tricks, magic books are still my favorite source for magic material. Nearly every secret in magic can be found in a book.

The source for many Magic DVD projects and individual tricks all come from books. There is a lot of wisdom and tips provided in magic books. Here are some of my favorite magic books for kids.

Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic

If you could only buy one book in Magic, I would recommend the Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic.

I bought my first copy in 1989 and it provided a foundation for sleight of hand, card tricks, coin tricks, mind reading and even large stage illusions.

I learned one sleight of hand routine from this book that I still perform today – over 30 years later!

Magic The Complete Course

The second book I’d recommend, is Magic : The Complete Course by Joshua Jay.

The book has full color images and includes a DVD for additional instruction. It includes over 100 real-world magic tricks that will entertain audiences. Plus it is full of advice from master magicians!

Magic Tricks for Kids

Don’t let the name fool you, there are some excellent tricks in Magic for Dummies.

One of my favorite routines is predicting a fruit from a selection of 10 randomly generated fruit names. The methods are simply yet very entertaining!

Idiots Guide to Street Magic

In the 2000s, Street Magic was all the rage and David Blaine helped introduce Magic to the masses. Soon everyone started performing the same magic tricks they learned from other books, but “in the Street”.

The Idiot’s Guide to Street Magic is a useful reference for many effects popularized by street magicians.

Bill Tarr Now You See It Now You Dont

Now You See It Now You Don’t is a hard book to find but occasionally, Amazon has a few copies.

It was first published in 1976 and it remains a popular choice for sleight of hand magicians as each page has exceptionally detailed illustrations and effective lessons in sleight of hands.

I learned how to vanish crayons at an early age because I was too young to buy cigarettes for the actual sleight of hand vanish! This is one of my favorite books!

Joshua Jay Big Magic for Little Hands

Big Magic for Little Hands is a great book for young kids to learn about the Art of Magic.

I bought it for my kids so we could work on some simple illusions and have fun as a performing family!

Magic Tricks for Kids Conclusion

There are a ton of magic tricks for kids resources. Magic DVDs, magic books and magic sets are just an introduction to all the options for kids and adults to learn magic tricks. I hope you pick up a few of these books and DVDs and encourage your child’s pursuit of a fantastic hobby!

For additional Magic Tricks For Kids tips, please see my 5 Tips on Magic Tricks for Kids.

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