sleight of hand saturday

Michigan Magician Presents Sleight of Hand Saturday

Below is a brief video clip of your favorite Michigan Magician performing some sleight of hand on a Saturday afternoon!  After all, magicians have to keep practicing!

Sleight of Hand magic is one of the purest form of magic as there are no camera tricks or sneaky stuff.  Well, ok there are some shenanigans but that’s what us magician-folk call prestidigitation.   Sleight of hand takes years of practice to make the impossible look possible.

(This Michigan Magician prefers sleight of hand over other forms of Magic since it is a more up-close and personal type of Magic)

I’m a fan of stage magic as well but there is something about the simplicity of a coin vanishing 2 feet in front of you versus watching a big box trick from the stage.

Sleight of hand magic is excellent form of entertainment if you are planning a corporate mixer, wedding reception or private party where you want unique entertainment for your audience to enjoy while they mingle and socialize with your guests.  You may have heard this form of entertainment called “Mingle Magic” or “Walk Around Entertainment”.

If you are interested in learning sleight of hand magic, be sure to check out one of our local Metro Detroit magic shops.  The Wundeground is my favorite magic shop in the local Detroit area.  It has been around for years (previously Romig’s Magic Shop in Ferndale) and its where I learned my first few effects in sleight of hand magic.

Every Michigan Magician needs to start some where

Hire a Michigan Magician for your next event

I’m a Rochester Michigan based Magician although I entertain throughout Macomb and Oakland county.  If you’re looking for some unique and memorable entertainment for your next event, complete the Booking Information form or give us a call.  The Magic Fun Man show provides magical entertainment throughout all of Metro Detroit Michigan!

By the way, here are some other famous Michigan Magicians

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