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7 Birthday Party Tips for Parents

As a father of 3 boys, I know how challenging planning and managing a birthday party can be. It can get stressful juggling invitations, food, gift bags, birthday presents not to mention you need to ENTERTAIN everyone…and that’s with both my wife and I helping to host the party!  Below are 7 easy tips to successfully plan for an AWESOME birthday party that your guests will remember.

Birthday Party Tip #1: PLANNING is the secret to a successful party

Keep the child’s age in mind when planning the length of the party.

2.5-3 hours is long enough for most 4-10 year olds.

Plan on fewer hours for the children under 4 years old.

Most weekend parties start between 1:00 and 3:00.

Birthday Party Tip #2: INVITATIONS should be delivered 3 to 4 weeks before the party

Call your child’s special friends first to confirm the date before inviting the other guests. This gives you the chance to pick a different date if your child’s special friend can’t attend.

Sending the invitations out early will ensure everyone will attend and there won’t be any conflict between your party and the date of another friend’s birthday party.

Birthday Party Tip #3: ORGANIZE your plan on paper

Remember to double-check your supplies a day before the party.

Call the entertainment a few days before the event to confirm final guest count and start time.

Birthday Party Tip #4: ACTIVITIES should be plentiful and fun!

Play the first activity early to keep your guests busy while you wait for any late arrivals.

Birthday Party Tip #5 REFRESHMENTS are easy

– ice cream…cake…hot dogs…cheese pizza…

The kids’choice every time! Plan on offering birthday cake and ice cream AFTER the entertainment.

Birthday Party Tip #6: ENTERTAINMENT is the KEY to any successful party

Be sure it’s done well or the whole party suffers!

When evaluating entertainers, ask for testimonials and make sure the show offers a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE!

Book your entertainment EARLY to avoid disappointment.

Birthday Party Tip #7: PRIZES should be simple and plentiful

No one should go home empty handed!

Hand out the goodie bags at the door so everyone gets one and nothing
gets lost.

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